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Strategic Business Loan



The Effective Features

Our Loan Products are Great for your Business!

Credit/ID Analysis

Full Soft-Pull Loan Assessment completed within 24 Hours or less. 

Access up to $5MM in Funding

Your Loan Proceeds can be used for any Venture or Idea.

Data Mining

Your Loan Request is matched with precision, using our proprietary Algorithm, A.I. & Machine-Learning modules. 

24 Hour Support

Access to your Loan Project & our Team Members, 24 hours a day. 

2022 Ripe mobile top

Time Saving Components

We operate on your Time!

  1. Video/Conference-Calls. Chat directly with our Funding Team.
  2. Up to the Minute Updates via your Client-Login @ PushFi.app

Get your own time

Schedule a call precisely @ the time/date that you prefer. See PQ-Offer for details. 

Easy User Interface

User-Friendly dashboard for your Loan Projects, messages & beyond.

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No. of Startups

A simple 6 Data Point Assessment Process

A multi-staged Unique Algorithm that produces Custom Results!

Funding Analysis

Data Stack Calculation: based on Personal & Business information.

Soft Credit Pull

Our Credit API partnership provides an instant credit/identity snapshot.

Debt to Income Ratio

Our system calculates your DTI, in order to determine Loan Affordability.

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Credit Utilization

A calculation of: Available Credit, Balances & Limits.

Personal Income

Data calculated along with other Financial Stats = Repayment Ability

No. of Satisfied Accounts

A collection of Credit History/Accounts, which translates to Credit Depth.


These are just some of our recent Client Experiences for 2021!


Marlon M.

Justus Foreclosure - MI

Yes Sir Brother Shawn! My Sons look forward to helping Me build businesses for the future.

I can't Thank You Enough‼️💯💯💯


Hugo R.

Law Offices of White - TX

Your team has gotten more for my clients, than any other firm!


D. Mobley

Serial Entreprenuer

👑🦍🤞🏾 Honored to be part of the RipeFunding empire!


We’ve established partnerships with major business resources.

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